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I am ready to jump up and down on the *&%$#%^&* T-Mobile Wing (even though it was $500) and all MicroSoft ActiveSync software developers until there are little bits of plastic and bio goo everywhere. My problem will not be solved but I will probably feel better.

Anyway, I am in the midst of yet another mysterious complete failure of my smart phone to sync with Outlook. Says it can't connect with the server (even though Outlook says its connected with the exchange server) and won't work by direct USB connection no matter what I do.

This problem perks up periodically and has never been instigated by the same thing. I can't figure what's causing it. Suspecting it was my recent travel to Charlotte. There isn't T-Mobile service there. My colleagues warned me that it wouldn't sync when you're roaming. That didn't concern me too much because I've found the USB sync to be sufficient in that situation. It didn't Sync the two days I was there AND wouldn't sync once I was back home.

No syncing in NY no syncing here in CA. The laptop won't even recognize the (I&%$%@*)*$& mobile device is connected. I've deleted the partnerships and am trying to start from scratch. It doesn't recognize the device enough to instigate the partnership wizard. If there is a forum out there where they tell you how to manually initiate a partnership, I can't find it. The jerks who answer on those forums post things like "If I were wearing my help desk hat now I'd ask 'You said you deleted the existing partnership. So that means that it had a partnership previously. Use the same procedure.' " Those of you who've manned help desks in your work life, do you practice being unhelpful and condescending? I mean, really, if I am saying that I have succeeded in the past, but now I can't get it to work then it means the "previous procedure" isn't working!


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Aug. 7th, 2008 08:04 pm (UTC)
That is why everyone should use apple products ^_^
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