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Guiness brewery in the news

Quite a bit about the Guiness Red. Another style out of the Guiness Brewery OK by me; changes to Guiness stout not OK.

The print newspaper (being read by the woman opposite me on the train) had an article with the headline and subhead about Guiness looking for stronger appeal with women so they were "watering down" Guiness. How horrid!





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Aug. 15th, 2008 03:02 pm (UTC)
From my understanding of the articles I read, it is not a change to Guinness as we know it, it is just an lighter shade of red. (Yes people, Guinness is not black, it's a very deep red)

They are comming out with a Guinness Half-Strength with ABV 2.8% compared to the regular's 4.1% Yes, Guinness is low alcohol.

In terms of attracting women to it, many many women I know already drink it. One was getting concerned for her weight and was talking about switching to something else. I then informed hor of how many calories Guinness has. She kept drinking it. Yes, Guinness is a low calorie beer. It comes partly because of the low alcohol content. So to get back to marketing towards women, don't 'lighten' it, talk about how many calories it contains compared to other beers.

Also Guinness Red will not be watered down, it will have the same amount of alcohol in it.

And one last thing, it is designed for the British market, is only in testing at a few pubs, and is unlikely to be seen in the US anytime soon if at all.
Aug. 15th, 2008 03:44 pm (UTC)
Yes, meltedeyes, your conclusion from the articles is the same as mine. The headline was still pretty appalling. I still can't fathom the justification to mess with Guiness (either calories, color, or alcohol content). There are plenty of other lite, red, or low-calorie beer options out there already.

Personally, I'm sticking with the "classic" (dare I say "original") Guiness.
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