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The Last Experiement trailer

The Last Experiment

Note from the film maker:

"As you may already know, I have been involved since the beginning of 2007 in a documentary project about climate change called The Last Experiment. What started out as a modest short film for Earth Day ’07 has turned into a feature-length project that explores the science behind the crisis, how people locally are responding to it, and the preconditions that need to exist for people to be willing to make life changes.
I’m collaborating with two other Rochester filmmakers—Kate Kressmann-Kehoe and Sean Donnelly—and we are determined to make a film that is relevant to people everywhere today. We are not remaking Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. What has started out as (and yet remains) a film about climate change, has become a bigger film about change itself—why we change, why we don’t, and what’s standing in our way now.
2009 promises to be a turning point in this country’s history, and we are thrilled to be releasing a film next year that is so relevant to the choices we face as individuals and as a nation. We are in the final stages of production (i.e., shooting) and are embarking upon the post-production (i.e., editing) stage. This film is not being funded by any organization or third-party. We have been financing it ourselves. In order to complete the film next year, we need finishing funds. If you are willing to help out with a tax-free donation (we are fiscally sponsored by NY Women in Film and Television), it would go a long way towards allowing us to reach our goal. Even $25 could help us pay for tape stock, transcription services or a film festival submission.
Please visit the website and watch our trailer. If you are inclined and able, make a donation to the project. If you would like to get involved, let me know or contact us formally through the website.

Thanks for your attention. I appreciate your support as always.

Kind regards,