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Americade Motorcycle Rally

Tomorrow we leave for a short trip up to the Lake George area of NY state for the Americade motorcycle rally. It's going to be gorgeous riding. Last summer we passed reasonably close to there on our way to Lake Ontario. It's all an excuse to ride...ride up there and then go on more rides when you get there. I'm not sure how I will like the rally, but I may as well give it a try. It's only 3 1/2 hours away, so even if the rally isn't worth going back to, the roads might for other weekends.

It features guided rides, poker runs, treasure-hunt rides, hours of time with nothing to do but ride, etc. With evenings that have music (not particularly interesting music), boat cruises (a lot like the ones in the Lakes District around Keswick, UK), and the like. Unlike Daytona Bike week, there aren't any races to see. That's a bit of a disappointment for me because I love to see the races live. Unlike Sturgis, there aren't hill climbs, which is OK cause those are only interesting for a short while. Both those events have vendor areas and plenty of bike-eye-candy to browse. This rally will have the vendors; I suspect the park-ramble-look will happen no matter where bike people gather together. There will be demo rides, but not many of the European marquees will be presenting demos.

One thing that will be a curious fact to fulfill or deny is that this rally is for old people. That's one of the rumors about it. We shall find out.

We're staying in a bed and breakfast, a mere 7 miles away from the rally, for a really good price. The Holiday Inn was $20-70 more per night than any of the 5 B&Bs we called. Huh? Well, I'll take the B&B.

And, to those inquiring minds, I'm not riding a new bike up there. Haven't bought one yet. It's me and Sweet Child.


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( 1 comment — Leave a comment )