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More commuter books

I did not do a good job at 1) keeping the balance of work vs junk books and 1:1 or 2) posting the combinations.
Here's a little catchup run on the reading.

I'm winding my way through Jordan's Wheel of Time series so that I'm refreshed on it all when I pick up the latest book.

2nd pair:
"New Spring" by Robert Jordan
"Design of Sites" (1st ed) by Hong, Landay, and van Duyne Not a bad book, but so dated. Web interfaces changed a lot in the 6 years since this was published. There is now a 2nd edition that I should check out.

followed by "Eye of the World" by Robert Jordan while still wrapping up the van Duyne book.

3rd pair:
"Dragon Reborn" by Robert Jordan
"Modular Web Design" by Nathan Curtis This was an awful book. Tedious, rudimentary, not practical,
and really didn't sell the value add of the laborious and very non-tech solutions he proposed.

4th set:
"Shadow Rising" and "Lord of Chaos" by Robert Jordan interspersed with
"Search User Interfaces" by Marti Hearst I am almost finished with this book, and it rocks. Hearst
is an academic, so the book is well documented and even handed. She's also good at making the search
stuff accessible but not over simplified. She's a proponent of research, so isn't pushing one design

Shelfari doesn't quite have their "show my shelf" widget down and they don't have an LJ version so you'll have to be contented with the link.