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Online photo sharing tools

Tell me what your preferences are for photo sharing/photo management sites.

I have tried Flickr and not liked it enough to stay. That was, in no small part, due to the fact that my mom really didn't care for Flickr on the "receiving" end of sharing a photo album. I rather suspect that it is because Flickr doesn't have any optimization for dial-up. Not sure of this, just guessing. In any case, she didn't like it.

Though PhotoBucket was ugly and had intrusive adds, nonethelessI liked it fairly well. My mom's verdict was that it was easy to use and the photos loaded quickly. I unfortunately had problem with their account security, esp when linked to Facebook.

Lately I have given Picasa a go, for no more than about 5 hours as of yet. Was hopeful that Google would have something both smooth and easy. I'm finding it a bit of a dud for photo management :( esp. the file sync and album management. Have not yet tried sharing a album with my mom. The face recognition stuff is cool.

Tell me what you are using and what makes it great for you.