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Copplestone Castings

One of the vendor booths I stopped at during Origins was the Copplestone Castings booth. The booth was manned by a couple of grumpy 60-ish men and had a terrific display of a wide variety of miniatures. One of the best parts of their display is that the minis were not just Warhammer or D&D 4th Miniatuers. There were all sorts of things, from classic sci-fi Rocket Man to Predator and 1920s flappers to 1940s gum shoes.

I chose a few minis to buy and took the flyer so I'd be able to find them again. I didn't realize at the time that the company is in the UK, though I guess the US distributors are RLBPS based in Illinois. The UK base does explain why certain limited edition minis were only available if you bought them at the show (Rocket Man was one of those sets).

Now that I've bought even more minis, I really need to get back into painting them.