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Honda FX Clarity Damn it, Honda, get off your duff and stop selling this car only to southern California celebrities and make it available to real people! Let's have it in NY. I'll get the F'n fueling station!

Nissan Leaf Oh for God's sake, Nisaan, did you really think a car with a 100 mile range would penetrate the American market? Seriously, my one-way commute (if I were to drive rather than train or bus) is 48 miles. There's no buffer in the round trip if 100 is all it's got. The car can't be used for driving upstate to the relatives, or out to Long Island for the beach, and certainly no road trip...

The Kia Ray isn't a reality.

I post this because it makes me sad and frustrated. I would buy an environmentally sound car. I believe that change must begin now and must begin with consumers making the decision for change. I want some viable choices! Thus far, I haven't found a car to outstrip my 10 year old Honda Insight, which at 127,000 miles is still getting 53 mpg. The Prius comes closest, getting 41 tops according to the handful of friends I have who own one. The 2010 model is advertised at 51/48mpg. I wonder if that's accurate? SmartCar isn't all that smart. It only gets 33/41 mpg.


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Jul. 25th, 2010 02:59 pm (UTC)
Title: I'm still bitter
From HeatherMe (who just crossed paths with LJ and thus couldn't post)

Title: I'm still bitter

That the US didn't get the diesel smart. For all I loved my little
bumblebee, you're right, it's gas mileage wasn't that stunning.
Better than any other gas only option out there, but still... They
had the diesels in Canada (as of this year they no longer meet the
emission requirements and can't be sold there either) and my parents
friends regularly get 70+ mpg in theirs. And you are so very, very
right about the range on the Leaf, and last I heard, the Volt isn't
expected to be much longer. Until they can improve that, its' not
going to be a feasible design for the North American market. Our
distances are just too long. Europeans in particular just can't grasp
driving the distances we do on a regular basis. My commute is
thankfully "only" 20 miles, which is barely conceivable, but your 50
miles each way might as well be the moon to many designers.
Jul. 25th, 2010 03:16 pm (UTC)
I forgot about the Chevy Volt . It only goes 40 miles per charge. Pathetic! Their website states "We took a look at the survey by the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics and we found that more than 75% of people commute 40 miles a day or less(4)."

The diesel Smart sounded like it could have really made a difference. It's too bad they didn't bother to keep up with emissions standards. It isn't as if those are a surprise; it takes years to get those through Congress. As for the gasoline version, the Toyota Echo is rated at 35 mpg and is the "normal" size of an economy car. Considering that the Smart car is 8 ft shorter than the average car (but surprisingly only a couple of hundred pounds less) it is clear all the engineering effort when into the size and none to the economy of the engine.
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