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Ren Hastings

Who knew one could do such fabulous things with a Barbie doll!?

Ren Hastings (her Maximus Art Works e-Bay shop) has some incredible hand embellished fairy and fantasy figures. She works with Bratz and some other brands of dolls as well. She supposedly has a website for Maximus Art Works, but I can't find it. I was hoping for some better photos than the eBay ones.

Her imagination tends toward the goth and magical. She's very detail oriented, so the figures are amazing. I spoke with her at Origins, where she had a booth. She said she removes the factory applied Barbie face and repaints the face that she wants! On some of them she replaces the hair.

I'm not a doll collector, but I love textiles and other embellishments, thus I was really drawn me to these. I haven't the skill or patience (not to mention the time!) to take up this craft, but it's fun to admire.