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Cooking class

For my friend Ally's birthday we attended a cooking class at Marcello's Ristorante. I've not taken a *class* on cooking since jr. high; neither had Ally, which we joked about on our way there.

The session was quite enjoyable, though I was hoping that it would be more hands on than it was. Two chefs demonstrated, but the class didn't participate. The set-up was like a swanky home kitchen meets mini-restaurant kitchen, which gave it a "you're in the front row of a TV cooking show" feel, though there were no cameras. The swankiness of it added to my fun, a bit.

The food was marvelous, the chefs quite good at presenting, and the techniques at the right level for people who enjoy cooking but are not professionals. I surprised myself a bit, by leaving with the feeling that I know what I am doing in a kitchen and know how to cook well. Many things that were demonstrated or discussed I already knew. That isn't to say I didn't learn anything. I am, evidentially, a bit ham-handed when it comes to adding broth to risotto (or liquid to anything, I suspect). I dump it all in at once and let it simmer. The chef showed heating the broth separately and ladling it in a few scoops at a time, then letting it cook down before adding more. Perhaps I will try that...or perhaps not. Mine tastes as good but is stickier than his...

It was also rather interesting to note that Goldings695's dad, who is an excellent and well practiced cook, has some of the same habits such as instructions that are "add some oil" and then taking the container of oil and pouring in an unspecified amount. I think good cooks forget that not everyone knows how to estimate very well.