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Hougoumont Farm & Battle of Waterloo

It's 4 years until the 200th anniversary of the battle of Waterloo. As a US citizen, I'd previously never given much thought to whether or when there would be an anniversary commemoration of this signal battle. A bit myopic of me, I know. But now that it has percolated to my attention, I'm reading about it with some mild interest. I have friends who love history in general and one who loves the Napoleonic era a great deal, who will have enthusiasm for this. This farmstead and house, Hougoumont, were a part of that famous battle and are being restored as a historical site. Some 26,000 British and French men fought over this farmstead during Waterloo.

An artist has done several impressive canvas glicee as part of the commemoration. One must appreciate realism and battle scenes to be interested in these paintings..