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Beer: Storm King Imperial Stout

First sip through 1/3 of a pint (latter 2/3 remained unfinished) I proclaim his a horrible rendition of an Imperial Stout. I characterized it as being heavily dry hopped with a very aromatic hop; this hop dominated the top note. It had a strong, malty middle that to me had far too much of the grain sugars left unfermented. This made it excessively sweet and cloying in the mouth in spite of what seems to have been a generous amount of boil hop. There is a hint of the sour/bitter that comes from darkly roasted grain that is typical of stouts, unfortuately it was completely destroyed by the alcohol bite and sweet ending.

As most Imperial Stouts are sweeter than standard stouts, this is not one of my preferred styles. In addition, the style is often higher AbV. This version was 9.1%

Verdict: yuck

Brewery: Victory Brewing Co
Location: Downington, PA USA
Style: Imperial Stout
Brew: Storm King Imperial Stout
Container: brown glass 12 oz
Bottle conditioned: No