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Beer: SixPoint Grand Crue

We acquired this grand crue about two months ago, leaving it cellar-ed (literally in the basement) in the interim. I have in the past enjoyed other beers labeled in the style of a crue. Recently I've learned that "grand crue" doesn't really refer to a style as much as it means "premium beer" or "more complex or stronger version". Hmmm

This grand crue is, in all facets, a barley wine. Which is too bad as I was not the least bit interested in a barley wine. It poured heavy and cloudy with a moderate amount of carbonation. It foamed nicely in the glass but had no head retention to speak of. The smell is very much that of a barley wine: somewhat sweet, vaguely of cellar fruits (sort of a bruised apple), and a character that can only be described as "wine-like" without either evoking a red or white wine specifically. The top note carries the wine and a very minimized grain flavor. The middle resolves very sweet. Though I notice no hop in the aroma it ends with a rather bitter hop that doesn't mitigate the over-sweetness.

Perhaps this grand crue would dry out a bit if left to condition for a couple more months. The amount of yeast at the bottom of the pour does lead me to believe it was near or at the end of its fermentation, so perhaps further cellaring would not change it. Experience with a couple different barley wines leads me to believe that I would not resolve it into a brew that I care to drink even if it did further ferment.

Verdict: Good enough example of the barley wine style, but not to my liking

Brewery: SixPoint Craft Ales
Location: Brooklyn, NY USA
Style: grand crue
Brew: Grand Crue (Limited Edition)
Container: brown glass 40 oz
Bottle conditioned: Yes

SixPoints site does say on their site that this grand crue is based on a Belgian barley wine.