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Glad we cancelled Discover Magazine

For a few years we got Discover magazine. We received the magazine for about 2 years and concluded that the magazine sucks. It was full of "30 second sound bites" about science presented at a level appropriate for the science-ignorant. It also seemed to be about 2 years behind, if you'd read any other science journal or magazine you'd already seen another article about it. If it wasn't behind, it was just plain old reporting things as "new" that had long been a part of the discipline.

During our transition to NYC [info]goldings695 stayed with his mom for a while. Some of our magazines and such went with him because all our books went on the moving truck. When his folks visited they brought along a stray copy with some of our un-forwarded mail.

Wow! I'm reconfirmed in my belief that the magazine sucks. It's the quality of it's journalism that really bothers me.

For example: in a short article about about bats, the researcher is observing that something generally common to manmmals is true of bats: that the testicals are almost always bigger in animal species in where females mate with multiple partners.

Where the language in the article makes me screamingly annoyed (OK, muttering aloud while reading on the train, which makes the lady next to me move to a different seat) is stuff like this:

"When females are promiscuous..." and "In species with unfaithful females..." and "The testicales in the most cuckolded bats..." was worked into an article about 230 words.

Talk about laying innapropriate moral values on animals. This crap was written by a woman, too (Jessica Ruvinsky). Good god!


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Aug. 3rd, 2007 06:58 pm (UTC)
I remember liking Discovery, but its also been years since I looked at one.
Aug. 16th, 2007 05:29 pm (UTC)
Discover magazine
I had better take a closer look at this. I just ordered a year subsciption of Discover Kids magazine for Ian!
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