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javabird's Journal

In my late teens and early twenties I embraced my inner-geek (with a little dash of goth) and never looked back. My primary hobbies are gaming, sci fi (literature and movies) and costuming. I love Halloween, Cosplay, and gaming convetions. I also really enjoy motorcycles and have owned my own bike since college. I enjoy watching Superbike, Moto GP, and World Observed Trials competitions. For eight years I worked with historic records and personal papers. It was fascinating work but paid for S****. A couple years ago I was pushed into change. After floundering followed by working towards a goal, my obsession with with putting things in order combined with library skills brought me into a new career. I now work with Information Architects and web designers on the controlled vocabulary, taxonomy, and metadata used in a web sites and CMS. This has brought me from the upper mid-west to New York City.